How to design office space lighting in office buildings?

2021-11-07 21:56

The role of lighting in the office space of an office building is very large, and it must be treated with care, so as to bring a different office space effect in an office building. Only by making the light better play its own decorative role, can it truly reflect the role of the light itself. So, how to design office space lighting in office buildings?

一. How to design office space lighting in office buildings?

1. Public office area

The public office area is an important office space for the company’s employees. More than 70% of employees will work and rest in this area. Everyone in a modern office can’t do without a computer. Therefore, when designing the lighting in the public office area, we must take it into consideration. The lighting pipeline should not be too bright, exceeding the brightness of the display. At the same time, the angle of the lighting should also be paid attention to. It is best to plan it at the top of the work post, or at the back, so as to reduce the irritation of the lighting to the eyes of the employees. At the same time, the lighting is recommended. Lamps such as lamps are about 25 watts.

2. Meeting room

The meeting room is an important space for the development of content work. The lighting design of the meeting room should be based on the lighting on the meeting table. Give a sense of centrality and concentration. The lighting should be proper, and auxiliary lighting should be added around. Fluorescent lamps should be used for lighting in office decoration design, and glossy decoration materials should be used for visual work and interior decoration performance of adjacent surfaces.

3. Chairman's Office

For independent office spaces like the chairman, lamps and lighting are designed according to personal preferences. For the overall selection and collocation of lamps, you can also refer to Qian's design techniques. At the same time, you can add desk lamps and other lamps suitable for personal use in a separate space.

二. Matters needing attention in office space lighting design of office buildings

1.It is necessary to ensure the control of the light brightness ratio and do a good job of the light brightness ratio, so that the office space of the office building can show a better lighting effect in more aspects, and the contrast of the good brightness ratio can make the lighting of the office space of the office building look overall. Only when they are more harmonious and matched can they highlight the overall improvement of office space in office buildings.

2. The relationship between the indoor interfaces. Each area in the space has its own mutual relationship, and each interface has a brightness ratio that is blind to human visual comfort. The indoor interfaces are mainly composed of roof, floor and walls. According to functions and requirements, the brightness ratio of each interface can be maintained in a proper relationship, and the brightness ratio of the indoor space can be adjusted. In most cases, the ceiling is used as the working interface of lighting. The ratio of the brightness ratio of the ceiling to other interfaces will produce different spatial effects accordingly.

3. The relationship between space layout and lighting, only by better solving some of the relationship between lighting and local, can the lighting bring better effects to the office space of the office building. A good space layout can make the office space of an office building look more refreshing, and the lighting can show the rationality of the layout. The relationship between the two is very close, so we must seriously solve it.

4. There are many factors that determine the quality of an office space in an office building, such as the quality of decoration, the choice of decoration materials, and the choice of decoration companies, which can bring a different feeling to the office space of an office building. Among them, lighting is also a very important factor in determining the quality of office space in office buildings. We must pay attention to the importance of lighting in office space in office buildings to create a better office space in office buildings.