Why do people choose LED lights?

2021-11-06 21:14

A:High efficiency and energy saving--Driven by low voltage with low power consumption ,approximate 98% conversion of lighting power,saving more than 60%-80%energy saving lights.

Green and environmental-friendly--No ultraviolet rays and ultrared rays and nonradiative. Soft illumintion. No stroboflash.Supportive of starting up by frequency . Green and environmental-friendly illumintion source. Unheated LED. No hazardous elements like Hg and Xe and recyclable.

Super long lifetime--Good performance of shatter-proof and dust-proof. Low power consumption whit low voltage,ampere and heat. Safe without potential safety hazard. Solid luminous source. Epocy encapsulated. The illuminant part deposition and high lumens depreciation. The lifetime of LED lights can reach 30,000hours to 100,000hours, which is 30 times of common bulbs and equal to illuminate for 3 years ceaselesly.

Wide application fields--Home illumination,ceiling down lamp,office illumination,community illumination,shopping malls and supermarkets,stores,hotels,bars,coffee houses,westerner restaurants,public place of entertainment,household night lamps,festival lamps,solar energy illumination,city lighting and beautification projects and so on.